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The International Interdependence Hexagon Project

… a visual arts opportunity for young people ages 4 to 18 worldwide.


The project asks young people to create art within the infinitely inter-linking shape of a


 a metaphor for interconnectedness.


We believe that young people throughout the world should have opportunities to explore global themes, issues and ideas in school. We believe the arts are vehicles for this exploration. We believe that through critical thinking, research and taking a stand on one's beliefs and understandings, changes in attitudes, awareness and, subsequently, action can occur. We believe it is crucial for young people to confront, question and reconsider attitudes and beliefs as part of their responsibilities as citizens of their country and the world, for their own personal growth and creation of self.


We, at the Interdependence Hexagon Project call this

Art into Action; Action into Art.





What is Interdependence?

It's a simple idea, though often difficult to realize.  Interdependence is living together peaceably and respectfully in the post-communist, post-Cold War period as local, regional and global citizens.  Communication and the Internet are bringing people closer together, to transcend hatred, bias, and resentment.  Interdependence means turning our energies toward coexistence.  Through creative collaboration we can narrow the gap between rich and poor, and build bridges between our vast cultural, religious, economic, and political differences. To learn more CLICK HERE to view The Interdependence Handbook.


What is Interdependence Day?

Interdependence Day was launched in Philadelphia on September 12, 2003. The date was deliberately chosen as a post 9/11 symbol of regeneration, as a time to reflect on the tragedy of the incidents of terror, not only in the United States, but all over the world, and to ask ourselves "What next?" It seemed critically important to acknowledge the inevitability and significance of interdependence in our time, and set out to build constructively and culturally a global civic society.


Since the launching event in Philadelphia in 2003, there have been major Interdependence Day observances in Rome and Paris, along with Philadelphia and in communities and on campuses around the world, including Scranton, which has celebrated Interdependence Day since 2006. The commemoration is organized by a planning committee comprised of volunteers from the cultural community, the secondary and higher education community, local civic groups, religious groups, local libraries, county government and many others.


A Call to Action

Civic, cultural, educational, and religious organizations must take the lead in strengthening democracy and the culture of interdependence. We have the necessary skills, the intellect and the imagination, the creativity and compassion, the dynamism and the inspiration, and we have the will. To paraphrase Rabbi Tarfone, in the Pirke Abot, "we are not required to complete the work, but neither are we free to desist from it".

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Google Drive Hexagon Shared Resources: drive.google.com/#folders/0B_Yx2Ett8308anVBelkySUtiQUU


Google Drive Link to video of 2018 Hexagon Project Installation: drive.google.com/file/d/18bPBUjCcvOEExZGvFmWnG_7vZLfUwvmA/view


A Declaration of Interdependence: a Cloud Film by the Moxie Institute and Tiffany Schlain:





















For additional resources and JOIN the Interdependence Movement (Citizens Without Borders) sponsored by Dr. Benjamin Barber: http://www.interdependencemovement.org


Wordpress Hexagon Box:



School Arts Magazine Articles about the Hexagon Project: (Davis Publications):

March 2009:  “Hexagons of the Heart” http://www.schoolartsdigital.com/i/150543   pp. 38-39

September, 2010: “The Hexagon Project” http://www.schoolartsdigital.com/i/148360  pp. 21,22,23.

March 2013: “Interdependence in Three Dimensions”  http://www.schoolartsdigital.com/i/141598  p. 16

August/September 2013: “Hexagon Explosion Boxes” http://www.schoolartsdigital.com/i/146340  p. 29


DoYourP'Art Foundation Project www.doyourpartfoundation.org


Facing the Future - Global Sustainability Curriculum & Teacher PD: Click the image below!










Hexagons Sewn onto 5 panels for the 2015 "Wrap" of the Saturn V rocket in the Dream Rocket Project thedreamrocket.org.



Visit the National Art Education Association to increase your knowledge and understanding of the arts!








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Global Campaign for Girls' Education and Empowerment: Girl Rising


SHELTER: Crafting a Safe Home Curriculum Guide: Read the Guide!


At Harmony For Peace: Learn More


Southern Poverty Law Center: Find Out More


STEAM: Hexagon Books, Math and Social Justice PAEA Presentation Resources


Hexagon Animation Info


For more information about Interdependence Day projects in Northeastern Pennsylvania and previous years’ Hexagon Project archived information

Interdependence Day, Northeast Pennsylvania:  www.interdependencedaynepa.org

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