Post Your Hexagons to Instagram and Tag #HexagonProject2020

We’re creating hexagons of our own, too.

The Hexagon Project is about expressing themes of connection and interdependence through hexagon-shaped artwork. We encourage you to express yourself about all the themes of interdependence as we always have, but now we’re asking you to share your experience with the Corona Virus and the changes to your life. By posting hexagons on Instagram using the hashtags #HexagonProject2020 and #HexagonProject you can make connections with participants throughout the world.

How are you and the people you know affected by the Corona Virus and the changes to daily life? Post your hexagonal artwork and photos about what you are doing, feeling, seeing around you — in your home, neighborhood, city or region. We will share images tagged #HexagonProject2020 on our Instagram account, @InterdependenceHexagonProject.

Hold Your Own Exhibit!

Eileen Healey, art teacher at Abington Heights High School in Clarks Summit, PA, recently presented a local Hexagon Project exhibit featuring hexagon-shaped artworks created by…
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Recognition Event in Butwal, Nepal on January 4,2020

Moving Forward!

Our good friends and partners in Butwal, Nepal [southern Nepal] have just completed their Regional Recognition Event at Manimukunda College, Butwal.  Mr. Tuk Bahadur Chhetri,…
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The Interdependence Hexagon Project…

…is an all-volunteer non-profit community arts organization based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, that began 2006. The Project is managed by a dedicated group of artists, educators and friends who join with others in various parts of United States and the world.

We invite young people, adults and communities worldwide to: REALIZE social and global challenges facing the world today and use art as a vehicle to REIMAGINE how these challenges can be addressed through critical thinking, research and creative expression. We invite participants to RECONSIDER their civic responsibilities in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent at local, regional, national and global levels.

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We believe in the powerful role that art plays in bringing social change, promoting social justice, and transforming individuals and societies. We believe that every individual should have opportunities…

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Important aspects of our project are social responsibility and social action through art. We apply our mission of “Art into Action and Action into Art” through our community outreach programs. Our team, school…

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We provide opportunities for learning in and learning through the arts in preschool though high school with our educational programs in partnership with schools and community organizations….