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The Hexagon Project Arts Program aims to use art, in the shape of a hexagon, as a vehicle to bring social change, promote social justice and transform individuals and societies. The program invites young people (aged 4 to 18+ years) and communities all over the world to creatively visualize, illustrate and address issues of social and global themes and express views and beliefs that inspire social action in the community by changing attitudes, promoting justice, empathy, cooperation and interdependence. These artworks are then shared by local and global audiences through annual exhibitions in galleries, museums and social media platforms.

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Call for Entries

The 2022 KINDNESS theme was chosen for its relevance. We thought this theme would set a softer, gentler tone as we move through and, hopefully, past COVID-19, reconnect on many levels, but realize we have been impacted in many ways. We chose this more immediately engaging theme because we felt it necessary at a time when it is increasingly important to practice ways to seek common ground, in contrast to digging deeper divides. It is not a theme without challenges in today’s world. How can we dissolve/transform divisiveness, through kindness?

We have had other related themes like Empathy and Transforming Conflict – which you are welcome to address using any of the resources and lesson plans available on our website.

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The longstanding themes of Interdependence include human rights, especially children’s rights, right to education, right to health, social equity and equality, freedom, ethnic, religious and multicultural diversity, cultural identity and cultural heritage; personal and communal identity; empathy, peace, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding; local and global issues, technology usage, socially just governance, democracy and environmental safety, conservation and sustainability.
The Interdependence Themes Handout can be found at Forms and Resources.

In addition to these general themes, each year, the Hexagon Project encourages creating around a special theme or themes. See our Blog for this year’s Special Themes at –