The 2024 Project is well underway in Throop, Nanticoke, Ashley, and Wilkes-Barre!

– Below are some of our first workshops and news from our participants.

Mid-Valley, for Veteran’s Day

Civics Teacher, Michelle Chang with Principal Jeffrey Kovaleski with the Hexagons

Every student at the Mid-Valley Secondary Center (grades 7 – 12) was given a blank Hexagon and asked to write words or draw images that came to their mind about Veterans Day. On Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 2023, students expressed their thoughts through drawings, Acrostic Poems, and sketches honoring soldiers. Teachers paused their lessons to contribute to the project, submitting completed hexagons to Mrs. Michelle Chang and Mr. Nick Parlanti’s history class. The hexagons formed a mural displayed in the cafeteria throughout November. During lunch breaks, students engaged in optional gallery walks to appreciate their peers’ hexagons, showcasing diverse artistic expressions and gratitude for veterans.

This marks the project’s 2nd year, revealing the students’ remarkable artistic abilities and providing them with a unique platform for self-expression and appreciation of veterans.

Peace Workshop

In mid-December, Beth gave a PEACE Workshop with parents and children of the Nanticoke Area Homeschool group at the Mill Memorial Library. The children (Ages 4-10) brainstormed what PEACE meant to them. They used collage and stamping to create their hexagons side-by-side with their mothers. Thanks to Rebecca Seman, Homeschool coordinator and Librarian Kay Excell!

Earth Conservancy

Elizabeth Hughes from Earth Conservancy in Ashley launched their deep and important “We Reclaim” project for the 2nd year! Click here to see the lesson/unit plans and after-school program, supported by SHINE After School Program of Luzerne County at Wilkes University.

Shoval Center and New Roots Recovery Center

The Shoval Center and New Roots Recovery Support Center at King’s College in Wilkes-Barre recently held their Fall Recovery and Stop the Stigma Event. The participants created The Interdependence Hexagon Project hexagons of support and connection for the 2nd year. Many thanks to Kelly Gibbons, the teachers, staff, and students at King’s College!