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Welcome to the Forms and Resources page. You will find all necessary documents for participation here plus resources for deepening and enriching your experience.

Announcing the 2023 Theme: Environmental Justice

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2023 Environmental Justice Theme Resources

Resources that Are Valuable with Any Theme, to Encourage Creativity, Happiness

Kindness Theme Resources

  • We tend to think of hearts and love in February around Valentine’s Day, but kindness and love are necessary every day! Check out these activities to do in your classroom around the theme of gratitude and kindness. They will serve you well if you are working on this year’s Hexagon Project with the theme of Kindness.
  • Here is what Beth had to say about the theme of Kindness at the 2021 Recognition Event.
  • Based at the University of California in Berkeley, the Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.
  • The Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) partnered with Philadelphia poet laureate Trapeta B. Mayson on a mission to help spread kindness. Through the PA Kindness Poem Project, residents were invited to share messages on social media that promote healing, generosity, reconciliation and peace. Here is an amazing crowd-sourced poem that came out of the PHC’s project. Hopefully the words will inspire visuals in your mind that you will want to use to create your Kindness Hexagons this year. Or perhaps you and your students will be inspired to write your own poem or essay from which students can picture visuals for the Kindness Hexagons they will create.
  • The Kindness Cloud is working to spark a Global Kindness Movement.
  • Here you can download a Kindness Project Pack to use at your school.
  • As we work toward a kinder and more peaceful world, this site from Curriculum of Hope, which is a Standing Committee of Connecticut State Organization, DKG [Delta Kappa Gamma Society International], offers some great ideas. This organization’s newsletter offers some wonderful ideas related to kindness as well.
  • Your students can experiment with Gelli Plates when creating their Kindness Hexagons. The following links lead to resources that explain the transfer process for Gelatin Printing, each focusing on slightly different ways of doing it using different materials. Read hear about laser image transfer prints. Check out Gelli Arts plus paint pens. Learn tips and tricks about Gelli Print Image Transfer in this video. And lastly, check out this video showing Gelli Plate Picture Transfers.
  • If you would like your students to learn and discuss ways to be kind online and help stop cyberbullying, visit an educator and presenter at Lesson Alive who offers a program aimed at students in grades 6-12 entitled Practicing Kindness online.

Lesson Plans to Incorporate Kindness

If you are interested in participating in this year’s hexagon project, in which the theme is Kindness, we are providing lesson plans for grades from K through 12th for your use. Thanks to practicing teachers and retired teachers: Melissa Cruise, Nicole Delevan, Danielle Fitzmorris, Kris Fontes, Jackie Thomas, Melissa Gallagher and Lisa Temples, who generously submitted the lesson plans below.

Visual For Middle School Lesson Plan
Middle School Students can incorporate the theme of Kindness beautifully, as shown above.

Diversity/Equity Theme Resources

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