The Hexagon Project Buzzed with Activity in September

We kicked off September with our exhibition of environmental hexagons at First Friday in Scranton and the month continued to buzz with activity all the way through with our 17th Annual Recognition Event and five free workshops for the community. While it’s impossible to share every wonderful moment and all of the beautiful art and connections made at these events, we are sharing some of the highlights below.

Environmental Justice Theme Exhibition Opening Reception

17th Annual Recognition Event

Our 17th Recognition Event was met with enthusiasm and excitement by students, parents and teachers. Congratulations to all who participated and to those who received special recognition! We recorded the full event that you can access by clicking here. If you want to see just the highlights from our event, click here. Thanks to Luz Cabrales, our videographer and Carissima Hodovanec, our photographer.

Bees & Interdependence Workshop with the Greenhouse Project & Orna Clum

Telling of the Anthracite: Art & Environment with Author Philip Mosley

Hexagon Bead and Natural Materials Workshop with Sunday Olaniyi

Workshop participants learned to appreciate artist Sunday Olaniyi’s incredible skill and patience as a bead mosaic artist, as well as his ingenuity and creative use of recycled materials.

Poetry, Meditation and Chanting for Peace and Justice with Vanessa White Fernandes and Brenda Fernandes

Brenda Fernandes and Vanessa White Fernandes created a powerful sensory-laden visualization accompanied by Vanessa’s guidance, reflections on the voices of our artist aligning beautifully with Brenda’s sensitive soundscapes.