Art Programs

We believe in the powerful role that art plays in bringing social change, promoting social justice and transforming individuals and societies. We also believe that all individuals should have opportunities to engage with social and global issues, express their views and perspectives, take a stand for their beliefs and values, and inspire social action in the real community that can bring transformation at the level of self and society by changing attitudes, promoting justice, empathy, tolerance, cooperation and collaboration.

Our arts program invites young people, adults and communities worldwide to:

Realize social and global challenges facing the world today and use art as a vehicle to reimagine how these challenges can be addressed through critical thinking, research, and creative expression.

We invite participants to confront these social and global issues, question them, resist and desist bias, prejudice and injustice, and use art as a means of dialogue to reconsider attitudes, promote just actions and behaviors that can ultimately contribute to social change in a tangible way.

We invite participants to reconsider their civic responsibilities in a world that is increasingly interconnected and interdependent at local, regional, national and global levels.