How to Hold Your Own Hexagon Project Exhibit

Why hold your own exhibition?

Because we would like to see the basic concepts embodied visually by young people and communities truly spread to the “people”!  Each hexagon created by a person holds a world of thought and resonates commitment to the chosen cause.  They should be seen, read and allowed to spark activism – as this project is designed to do. The many voices need to be heard.

Over our 14-year history, we have discovered that our mission – to spread the concept of interdependence globally through the arts – is alive and well.  We have had almost 11,000 hexagons created.  However, these precious works of art by young people and community gatherings – such as RiverFests, World Refugee Days and Arts Festivals do not get the attention and response from the very communities in which they were created when they are sent directly to us.

Furthermore, we estimate that approximately 500 people see our exhibition in Scranton, PA, each year.  So, think about 500 people seeing your own exhibition and multiply by, for example, 20 communities, that’s 10,000 viewers in one year!  This, we feel, fits our vision best. And it’s the appropriate use of technology today.

Holding your own exhibition will save time and money – for you and for us.  Participants who live far from Scranton will no longer have to pack and ship artwork and pay roundtrip postage if they want their artwork returned.  Also, our small staff of volunteers will no longer have to unpack, store, display, repack and return hundreds of works received from afar.

What communities are we talking about? 

“Community” can be defined as the school community, the city, town or arts community, the host organization [e.g., Boy or Girl Scouts, Ethnic Festival], the regional and state art education communities that exist through the United States – and the international community, through InSEA and others.


  1. On Website: Download the Call for Entries. Here you will find basic information, the template, paper registration form and release form and some information about the Eastern Regional Exhibit and the June 30 deadline.
  2. Contact and let us know that you are planning an exhibit. We will send you The HP Exhibition Packet, which will include the following: Poster and postcard and evite samples, a jurying sheet with guidelines, a timeline and an editable awards certificate.
  3. It is important that, if you are a school or community group, you register and upload all hexagons on under a Project called Hexagon Project 2021. This way your group will receive international connectivity  and attention and be recognized as part of the international virtual Hexagon Project!