Meet Hollis Hoban, An Artful Intern

Meet Hollis Hoban of Scranton, a junior at Keystone College, majoring in Digital Media, who is our new intern working to help us communicate our mission at the Interdependence Hexagon Project and continue to connect people around the globe through hexagonal art. 

Hollis is part of Alpha Lambda Delta and the vice president of the O.P.E.N. (Opposing Prejudice, Ending Negativity) Club.

Outside of college life, she likes to volunteer within her local community and currently volunteers at the Clarks Summit Fire Company.

Hollis is a natural in the digital world because she says she’s “been glued to technology since I was a kid, and I make digital art in my free time.”

While Hollis is excited to lend her talents to the Hexagon Project, she is also hoping to gain some experience and insight working with others in a professional environment to help her prepare for life after graduation.

Hollis was drawn to the Hexagon Project because its mission and goals algin with hers. She is an artist herself and someone who believes in its incredible power for others to connect and express themselves.

She says, “Art is a way for all of us, in any skill level, to express ourselves. We can talk about our emotions and our lives all we want, but art brings that expression to the next level; it can even be surprising to yourself to see what you’ve done with your art in the end.”

The Hexagon Project has been connecting people from around the world through beautiful hexagon artwork– with a message and theme–created by children and adults in numerous countries and here in the United States for 15 years—a connection Hollis personally understands and wants to help continue. She says, “On a large scale, when everyone is passionate about something, art is a way for birds of a feather to flock together, so to speak!”

If you see Hollis out and about at events featuring the Hexagon Project, be sure to say, “hello,” and watch for her contributions on Instagram and throughout our social media presence.

Check out Hollis Hoban’s digital art creations below.