Changing Perspectives of Waterways: a Hexagon Art Project & Community Partnership

An example of the Hexagon Project in action is a community partnership project between the Wyoming Seminary Upper School and the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition on Acid Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR). Facilitated by science teacher Andrea Nerozzi and EPCAMR director Bobby Hughes, students studied the environmental devastation resulting from mining.

Andrea Nerozzi

Nine students from the United States, China, Germany and South Africa learned about how waterways are disturbed by past mining activities. The students went on field trips, attended lectures and prepared watercolor paints using pigment processed from mine deposits found in local waterways. They then collaborated, creating hexagonal paintings illustrating the problems and solutions. Their hexagons, inspired by connectivity and other themes of the Hexagon Project, were arranged into a mural and reproduced as a banner to be used by EPCAMR in its ongoing educational outreach programs, and promoting reclamation of abandoned mines.

The panels of the mural focus on the impact of mining, particularly in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the Wyoming Valley and Solomon Creek. Each panel tells a piece of the story.