Help Us Welcome Our Newest Volunteer

During this holiday season, we usually make time to connect. We engage with family and friends and our greater community…talking, sharing, giving and loving. This is an ideal time to introduce you to a young man who has chosen to connect with the Interdependence Hexagon Project as a volunteer. He is generously offering his time to help us with our mission of connecting people around the world through hexagonal art. With this year’s theme of Kindness in mind, let’s offer a warm welcome to Joseph Mayurnick and connect with him through his writing below.

Autumn into Winter Intentions

by Joseph Mayurnick

Autumn has cooled into winter like the stars coming into focus on a clear night. Not that long ago none of it was visible. Now, little sparkles twinkle up and down our small-town streets. Winter is all about reunion. In the business of our work, of our lives, we grow. We grow past ourselves, and a gap is generated. We’re split up. Winter is a time to bring our year in front of us so that we can make our experiences part of us. We can remember what it was about ourselves that made our loved ones smile. We can remember the dirty, exhausted day ends. Those priceless days, that are priceless because they’re the certain result of deeds well done. We can remember the uncertainty of our outcomes when we made big decisions. And we can remember how silly it was that we thought it could be any other way. 

We’re slowing down. The morning chill leaves our fingertips cold and shriveled. Those of us who are lucky enough to have steady heating can enjoy dryer air. Hopefully, those without will be shown a bit of mercy. It was only a few weeks ago when the trees got dressed up for fall, and blessed us all with their drifting gifts. Squirrels spewed up leaves as they scurried across our backyards. Deer crossed the road with as much second thought as a highway breeze. It was fall, and that’s unquestionable. Now, flurries drift around dark maple limbs. Snow collects on the concrete. We shovel it up. A stillness is in the air. It asks, what will come next? 

Winter is the perfect time to ask ourselves “What’s next?” This idea is the mortar of a cultural institution, the new year’s resolution. The winter holiday season is here. People all around are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, family traditions, and all sorts of yearly punctuation. We’re easing ourselves into this season of recollection. We’re easing ourselves into a smaller scope, cozy couch, and the cold winds that winter gives us. 

Each of us, as individuals, and as communities, can indulge in this season. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for a lot of things this time around. I’m excited for the little chill that gets into everything, and the warmth we’re able to enjoy when our heaters exorcize that damned cold. I’m beyond excited for family dinners, and whatever other winter traditions will be remembered this year. Most of all, I’m excited to contribute. Christmas giving, quality time, and warmhearted support are some of the best parts of the year. I’ll be filled with warmth as I share love with family, and continually look for ways to play a part. I’ll be giving my time and effort to the Hexagon Project this season to promote interconnectedness in our community. To live the good life we’ve got to give more than we take. And with a bit of grace things will fall into place. 

 The Hexagon Project celebrates interconnectedness. We love the diversity of our communities, and we work to ensure what we do on this Earth is sustainable. I’m new to the project, but what I’ve seen so far is in line with the value of giving more than we take. Like the hexagonal honeycomb, every point of shared connection is a point of shared responsibility. We hold ourselves up, and we hold the heads of those around us high. Please, join us in doing the same.