Nepalese students celebrate hexagon art project

Students of Nepal Use Art to Connect During Time of Shutdown; Celebrate Hexagon Project

Because of shut-downs due to COVID-19, students in the Butwal area of Nepal did not participate in our international project, but these students from 15 different schools did participate in 2020-21 with the relevant and hopeful theme of “Defeating COVID” both remotely and when they returned to school. Sangita Bhattarai, formerly a counselor at the New Horizon School, organized this art project.

 We feel these expressions are an important and very relevant theme – even as we move into 2022 – and should be seen by all. The students’ art work demonstrates the very powerful voices of young people living in a country where vaccines were not easily available and thousands died as a result.

  • Hexagons created by Students from Nepal
  • Nepalese students celebrate hexagon art project

It was wonderful to receive pictures of this small face-to-face student celebration organized by Sangita that was held  on the same day as our 2021 Recognition Event on Zoom on September 12, 2021!  They celebrated our 15 years of Hexagons with cake and all participating students received certificates. We are very thankful to Sangita for her perseverance and consistent support of our Hexagon Project! And we wish her the utmost of happiness in her life as she has much to celebrate, with a wedding that took place in the Spring and a move to live and work in Kathmandu.

 Ms. Sangita Bhattarai is a journalist, motivational trainer, counselor and Chief Business Manager of National Life Insurance. Other direct involvements include: Lions Club of Palpa Ranaujeswori; involvement in many organizations that support women, for example, she is the President of the Nepalese Women’s Club, a service organization, which empowers women and works toward elimination of poverty and Secretary of Mitini Nepal that supports Girls empowerment. She set up her own foundation called the Sangita Foundation in 2018, with the mission of helping marginalized people, to fight against child labor, to help the elderly, and to support agriculture. They use social media to spread their mission and have a small staff of volunteers.